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Vintage Eaton Pocket Watch
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Eaton Pocket Watch Collectible

Eaton's of Canada is an interesting company brand. This department store was successful in the 19th and 20th centuries while Canada developed as a nation. Although currently defunct, there were many high quality Eatons brand watches sold through its stores. One of the most famous Eatons watches were their pocket watches which can be seen below. These watches are now highly collectible and they bring high prices on the open market. In fact this model of watch is considered an important part of Eaton's product history.

Pocket watch description

  • Approximately 1920's

  • 18S

  • Mint Porcelain dial

  • Hands Are Mint

  • Crystal is mint

  • Beautiful Damaskeen Swiss Made Movement Labeled T. Eaton Co. Limited.....

  • 17 Jewels Adjusted....Briguet Hairspring...Movement is accurate and in terrific shape!

  • Serial Number 146340

  • Silveroid Case is in excellent condition.

One Year Mechanical Warranty!


US$ 325.00


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