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Your ARA watch has a screw down crown. When your crown is screwed down all the way it makes a seal with a gasket which ensures water resistance. You receive your ARA watch with the crown screwed down. Your crown should always be screwed down unless you are intending to set the watch or manually wind it.

Winding Your Watch Manually

Your watch has an automatic movement which means that it winds on it's own when you go about your daily activities. The motion of your wrist is all your watch needs to run. If your watch is sitting on a shelf for a few days, it may stop because these movements have a power reserve of about 38 - 42 hours. This means that after this amount of time without any motion, your watch will stop. Before or after setting your watch, you can manually wind it to give the mechanism a boost. Assuming your watch is screwed down, turn the crown counterclockwise (towards you) until the crown is off the threads. At this point you can wind the crown forward a few times to give the mechanism a kick start.

Setting The Calendar

When the crown is off the threads, pull it out lightly but not all the way. At this point, you can change the calendar by turning the crown. To know if the hands are in AM or PM mode, you may find it useful to set the calendar a day before the actual date because you can change to the actual date by advancing the hands.

Changing The Time

To change the time of the watch, pull the crown all the way out and turn the crown to set desired time. This movement is a hacking movement which means that the sweep second hand stops when the crown is pulled out in this positon. This is useful because your watch can be set to an exact time because once you push the crown back in, the sweep second hand starts moving again. This is a feature that many watch enthusiasts enjoy.

Important Notes

When the time on your watch is between 10PM and 12AM, do not set the date because the calendar mechanism is already engaged and you can possibly damage it.

Your crown should always be screwed down when wearing your watch and should only be unscrewed when setting it or manually winding it.

To avoid crown breakage, do not use excessive force when pulling out for setting.

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